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MK Diamond Repair Parts

MK Block Saws - Repair Easily!

Buy MK Diamond block saw repair parts and get that old block saw running like new!

MK Diamond block saws can really go through a lot on a job site. MK block saws are built tough and strong, but even the regular daily wear and tear on a job site will take a toll on the internal components of the brick saw. Vibrating or bent blade shafts, sticking cart wheels, bearings, and also overloaded electric motors are a very common issue to encounter. Just buying the right repair parts can save you hundreds of dollars instead of a new saw purchase. Another common call we get is for saw water pumps. Block saw water pumps can get clogged all of the time with tile silica causing it to harden inside like glue at times. Just changing out your water pump every 1 - 3 years can save you money in lots of diamond blades year over year.

The electrical health of your MK Diamond block saw is important as well. Many MK brand wet saws that are belt driven. Note that there is never a need to buy a motor when an inexpensive run capacitor can fix the issue. Call in now to speak with one of our service techs to find out all about it.

MK Diamond Tile Saw Repair!

Keep your contractor-grade MK Diamond Tile Saw cutting wet, fast and straight!

Running an MK Diamond Saw will save you time and money. There is nothing more horrible than not being able to cut tile on the job site where and when you want it. Most of the time when this happens it can be directly be linked either a motor capacitor problem or vibrating blade shaft. Be sure to keep an eye on the health of your tile saw blade shaft. Cleaning and transporting it properly each time after use on and off the job site and even a daily inspection of the mechanical parts is always a great idea to ensure the life span of your saw equipment.

Contractor Note: The MK diamond blades and abrasive pads one of the most reliable and widely distributed brands on the market. Call now to hear more about these top-notch products.

The MK Diamond History

Would you believe that the MK Diamond Company dates all the way back to San Francisco in 1868? It was started then by Joseph Musto, a fifth-generation Italian stone-cutter and setter, and his ancestors were known as master craftsmen in his town. It was there that he brought the skills of his forefathers to his new home in America and started the Musto Steam Marble Mill. Never forgetting that the trademark of the business was its pledge to quality work and top quality service. The Musto family believed that good enough was just never really good enough. This is where MK diamond today get their work ethic that MK Diamond continues its unrelenting pursuit to producing high-end products and machinery.

From there in late 1919, Joseph's son, Clarence, came to Los Angeles California. By 1949, the newly named Musto-Keenan Company had gained notability for making top quality brand diamond tools to cut marble and tile faster and more efficiently than any other.

Looking many years forward, starting in 1977, and under the leadership of Robert J. Delahaut, the MK Diamond Company moved in a direction that has established itself as a global leader for precision tile and stone power cutting tools and diamond blades. MK is committed to making its products and services the benchmark by which the rest of the industry will measure itself and follow!

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